J Presence Academy will start offering online programme for those who wish to accomplish the intensive Diploma course through a well structured interactive programme in a online setting.Upon registeration in Tokyo, student's will receive an e-mail from WSET with instructions to participate in WSET's online classroom. Duration of this course is 2 years from its start. Note that all examinations will be held in Tokyo.

This programme is structured to cover all 5 Units through a course calendar of topics covered each week. Activities are given to be discussed and tasting exercises are responded in a global online classroom under the leadership of an instructor from WSET. You will receive feedback responses from the instructor plus may correspond with responses from other global classmates. Interaction is crucial to maximize full use of this course.

Once the registration done, the guidance email will be sent to you in a few weeks from WSET London school directly.Thenonline course will start.

All Diploma candidates are required to start taking Unit 2 exam initially followed by subsequent Units left.On the day of Unit 2 exam plus the following day (2 days required), in-class Tutorial Programme is scheduled to provide instructions and tasting practices giving guidance for your sebsequent Units of study, which also involves tasting. This will be compulsary to all Diploma candidates.This programme will be instructed by Certified WSET? Instructor, a Diploma holder of our school.

For those who wish to continue with individual self- study are also required to start from Unit 2 exam, together with registeration to Tutorial Programme to receive initial guidance.