Rioja Wine Academy

The name of Rioja is so famous and traditional that it resonates not only with Spanish wine lovers, but also with wine lovers in general. As one the only two DOCa in the Country, and a long standing producer known for its quality, Rioja wine is a staple in restaurants, bars and shops all over the World.
The region image is tied to long aged, oaked world-class red wines based on Tempranillo, and in fact the fame of the region is inextricably tied to this. However, is that all?

In this series of three seminars Ettore Donadeo, Rioja Official Educator and DipWSET, is going to lead you through the region to explore the different areas, the styles of wines, the major and minor varieties, the role of the Consejo regulador, the past and present trends, and much more.
While covering the basis of this region you will also discover the new wave of white wines, the new single vineyard system created to highlight provenance and terroir, the control process which ensures the soundness and quality of the wines.

※ The first seminar [Online] is free!

The Consejo Regulador DOCa Rioja

The Rioja D.O.Ca. imposes the strictest rules on its production, more than any other D.O. in Spain, with the aim of preserving the quality and authenticity of its wines.

The Control Board is the public entity responsible for verifying compliance with these regulations by vine growers and winery owners. Its controls are applied at all stages, from the planting of the vineyard, to the cultivation and production yields, the harvest, the production process and ageing, right down to the bottling and marketing.

How do Caplan online seminars work? [For first seminar]

This online seminar will be held through「Zoom」by Zoom Video Communications. A URL link will be sent in advance, by clicking the URL the participants will be able to attend the seminar.

The seminar can be enjoyed by PC, Smartphone, Tablet as long as they are connected to the internet. For PC you can use the internet browser, but installing the dedicated Zoom software is recommended. For smartphones and tablet you will need the Zoom app. Please install it in advance.

The online seminar will also be recorded and the link to the video will be sent to all participants. You will be able to play it as many times as you want for 1 week.

Requirements [For first seminar]

・Broadband internet connection (4G/LTE, fiber)
・Speaker or earphones
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Session 1

Introduction to Rioja *Free

Session 2

Geography and terroir; grape varieties and viticulture

Session 3

Winemaking; the role of the Consejo Regulador; past, present and future


Ettore Donadeo (Rioja Official Educator)

Seating Capacity
  • Online: 100

  • Classroom: 21


Session 1: Online / Session 2 & 3: Tokyo

  • Tokyo

Nihon bldg. 12F, 2-6-2, Ohtemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

  • Session 1 (Online)


  • Session 2 & 3 (Classroom)

7,700 yen (after tax, wines included) <Before tax:7,000 yen>

How to pay

Bank transfer or Credit card

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Schedule / Entry

Session 1

Sat June 25th 2022 13:00~14:00

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Session 2

Thu July 21st 2022 19:00~21:00

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Session 3

Wed September 14th 2022 19:00~21:00

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