WSET Level2 Award in Wines and Spirits Online Course

About the Course

The course covers the major grape varieties, regions of the world, food and wine pairing, sparkling wines, fortified wines and the major spirits over a period of five weeks.

What level of knowledge will I need to start this course?

You will not need any formal qualification just an enthusiasm for the subject and willingness to learn. This course is ideal for anyone wishing to be introduced to wine or sprits in an informative and structured manner and is suitable for both the enthusiast and those entering or already working in wine and hospitality business requiring good level of product knowledge.

How does it work?

Studying online offers students the flexibility to fit their studies around their commitments and lifestyle. The Level 2 course is based around a five week programme with a recommended six hours study per week and guidance from a WSET tutor. Each week has no fixed study times, but covers particular topics and the tutor will give guidance on the current week’s activities.

All our online qualification courses are designed to be interactive making learning more accessible and engaging. The course utilises social media to allow students to study alongside their peers under the guidance of a WSET tutor.

Students will be asked to taste and write notes on eight general styles of wines which your tutor will then help you to structure using the systematic approach to tasting.


This course is assessed with a 1 hour written paper consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. The pass mark is 55% and is the last session of each course.

Please note: the exam is NOT online.

認定試験はオンラインではなく、キャプラン ワインアカデミーの試験会場にてご受験いただきます。

Exam Date:

Wed April 3rd 2019
Sun April 7th 2019

Wed March 27th 2019

Sat April 13th 2019

Course fee

受講料 54,000円(税込 58,320円/テキスト代・認定試験料・合格時の合格証バッジ含む)
入会金 5,000円(税込 5,400円)









2018年 10月コース(O2W1904APP):2018年10月20日(土)
2018年 11月コース(O2W1906APP):2018年11月24日(土)
2019年 1月コース(O2W1908APP):2019年1月26日(土)
2019年 2月コース(O2W1909APP):2019年2月16日(土)

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Finish Date : Fri November 23rd 2018

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